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  1. Thank you Debbie for the best experience and time at the new place in Mojacar pueblo at Oceanicas, floatation is the best therapy, everybody should try it, especially in this wonderful and charming location, where you get the nicest treatment and the best view, we will go back for sure!

  2. The new floatation therapy room is just WOW. Absolutely stunning room! And such an amazing experience. Me and Harry loved our couples float and can’t wait to come back. It’s really like nothing else you’ve experienced and so nice to have your own private unshared space. Recommended 10/10

  3. Wow, what a day! Had the most amazing experience up in Mojacar Pueblo where Debbie James new flotation pool is. I never imagined how that feeling of letting everything go and floating could make me feel. I feel so relaxed at the same time energised and so positive. The magnesium has so many amazing qualities, so not only do you feel mentally and emotionally better it’s really helping lots of other physical issues too. We also asked if Debbie could feed us, to make a day out of it. So we had a lovely healthy 3 course meal after our float, was superb. Thank you so much for today Debbie will be doing this on a regular basis now, I am definitely a floating fan!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Arh .. yes you are so right everything is as it says all you need to do is let go .. sometimes some people take longer!!! It takes some time to learn how to fly but with Floatation it comes the moment you know I am safe, you can not drown, you can’t fall you just suspend your body and the water cushions you. It is so safe, pregnant women can float and babies float, at any age you can float … Its an amazing experience but more than it heals the body so fast its incredible how the magnesium works. I have studied it for many years and I am proof because my hands have healed as a working therapist in massage for over 15 years I had damage and a fractured compounded injuries they have completely healed so I can’t say anymore than that .. I know the Science but you need to try it and see your own results … There is nothing not to like about it xxx and everything to gain.

  4. I have just come away from Alturas Oceanicas in Mojacar Pueblo. Having known Debbie James/Harvey for many years at Oceanic Therapies, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with her latest dream come true.

    It was my first experience of floatation therapy. Not only are the surroundings absolutely beautiful and exquisite, with a huge Moroccan/Andalucian influence, the flotation pool is just stunning, tranquil and beautifully lit. I felt cocooned with love and warmth as I entered the room.

    Having recently recovered from a very serious bout of bacterial pneumonia/pleurisy, & suffering residual pain throughout my ribcage and shoulders, I couldn’t believe the difference after my first float. I feel incredibly relaxed, the pain has eased dramatically, and I feel like I am going to sleep better tonight than I have done in months!

    Debbie takes such special care of you from beginning to end, exactly as she does with her other therapies. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else. She is so knowledgeable, explaining all the benefits and what to experience with your float and made my introduction to this amazing therapy truly mind blowing!

    Thank you so much Debbie it truly was one of the most therapeutic and beautiful experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend Alturas Oceanicas enough definitely 10 out of 10. I cannot wait for my next float! If you want to have “me time”, de-stress and ease chronic aches and pains don’t hesitate booking your flotation experience with Debbie. You certainly won’t regret it!

  5. Alturas Oceanicas is a little gem of a place tucked away in the heart of Mojacar’s pueblo. Debbie James has sprinkled her magic on this her latest venture and the floatation room is sooo perfect. The rooftop setting, the decor, the atmosphere, the shower and products and as for the unique marble floatation bath!

    Zero gravity makes letting go easy. Stress, tension, aches and pains just float away, literally.

    A place of serenity and calm where body and mind feel lighter, relaxed and re energised.

    An added bonus was recent hairline fracture to my foot felt miles better afterwards.

    Also slept like a baby that night!

    l’ll be back!

    1. It is truly amazing xxx thank you Caroline for a very honest and beautiful review. Tom has been a real driving force without him it would.not of all been possible, we are team and all work to our highest.

  6. We had our first experience of a floatation bath last week and it was amazing. The room and the ambience was very relaxing and whole experience was lovrly. Unlike other flotations I have read about before which look claustrophobic this one was in a large bath in its on room.
    We enjoyed our time and helped
    Us both to have a good sleep and helped my leg pain too . Definitely would recommend

    1. Thank you for your lovely Review xxx I am so glad the whole experience was what you needed, and look forwards to seeing you next time your in Mojacar. Take care and have a lovely Christmas xxx

  7. Today I had my first experience of a floatation pool, so I had no preconceptions of what it would be like, except that I was sure it would be positive. Having already benefited hugely from Debbie’s massaging skills and knowing what a thoroughly professional, friendly and caring therapist and person, I couldn’t wait to try this out. And wow what an amazing experience it was! Debbie and Tom have created a singularly original, eclectic and beautifully peaceful retreat, which is perfectly in keeping with the uniqueness of Mojácar pueblo. And as for the floatation itself, once I relaxed my neck and shoulders, I found it quite easy to allow this special magnesium pool to do its thing and lull me gently to a calmer state and eventually to sleep! For me, the immediate benefit of this float (the first of many, I hope) was to help me de-stress and reduce my anxiety level , but also I definitely felt the stiffness in my shoulders and back melt away. What a truly wonderful experience! I’ll definitely be back for more! Thank you soooo much Debbie – wonderful lady!! Note to self for next time: do not arrange any appointments or anything requiring you to rush about after a floatation self!! 🙂

  8. Being both very busy with work I booked a floating session for myself and my husband to relax ….and it was a fantastic experience! If you are looking for something different, relaxing, good for body & mind,… then I can certainly recommend floating.
    Tom & Debbie have created a fantastic room: warm, inviting and wonderfully private. Afterwards we sat and relaxed a little while outside on the terrace enjoying the beautiful views. Will definitely book again!

    1. So pleased we made your evening special and thank you so much for Fantastic Review xxx we look forwards to welcoming you back at anytime.

  9. A wonderful and truly relaxing experience, ideal for relieving stress , tired bodies and minds. The room and floation pool provide a warm , soothing atmosphere that facilitates total contentment and relaxation.
    Thanks Debs, book me in again.

  10. Oh, it‘s a pleasure for us to be with you and your exzellent Therapie . We are a couple German People and living sometime in Mojacar and we are very glad to found this nice Lady and the wonderful
    Oceanicos It is also a pleasure for us to be invided in your nice house and to relaxing in your really nice floating Bassin It keeps the Health in a wonderful wise like the Dead Sea in Israel.
    All the Best for you Waltraud and Horst-Fritz

    1. What a wonderful couple my universe sent me, It was the most satisfying time that I spent with you. So nice to have such a positive response and such a fun time spent with you. Thank you for such a positive review and a pleasure to be here for you on your visits to Spain xxx

  11. Fantastica experiencia, Es relax y tiempo para ti. La atencion y Los detalles son inmejorables. Lo recomendamos ampliamente. Te invito a vivir esta emocion. Debbie gracias por pensar en nosotros, es Un Exito

  12. A wonderful experience for me in the flotation pool! The magic of ancient Mojácar Pueblo hosts the modern, Zen like spa, it’s technically perfect, so clean and as always with Debbie’s treatments, she explained the science beautifully.

    For me, the floating had a great effect on my skin; after an initial tingling it has left me without dryness and is soothed. What I call knee and finger ‘clicking’ has gone, incredibly – it’s as though I gave my joints a rest and they’ve re-centred themselves!

    Also, it’s a very, very calming experience.

    Well done Debbie and Tom for adding even more value to the Oceanic mantra of good health through nature’s bounty.

  13. I love the treatments of Debbie! The hot stones are a gift from the universe, and the massage is absolutely relaxing and helps against pain in back and shoulders.
    But nearly the best is FLOADING!
    Relaxing, healthy and a big fun!

  14. What a wonderfully relaxing and sensory experience we had!! Wow!! We are still feeling the benefits 3 days later! This is an experience not to be missed, once you let go floatation relaxes all those back and neck joints that are usually under stress!! Just do it!! Thank you so much Debbie and Tom for introducing us to this therapy, we will be back!! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and your enthusiasm xxx I am just so excited about this place Tom and I have created because its so healing and just so unique compared to Floatation I have tried in the past … It just ticks all the boxes for us. So glad you enjoyed your experience with us xxx

  16. What a great way to end a busy week. Fabulous float in the marvellous healing pool in the wonderful mojacar pueblo . We both totally enjoyed the experience & felt as if we had been in holiday for a week !!! Very relaxed and chilled with a great nights sleep . Thanks Debbie – we will return .
    Karen & Steve

  17. What a great way to end a busy week. Fabulous float in the marvellous healing pool in the wonderful mojacar pueblo . We both totally enjoyed the experience & felt as if we had been in holiday for a week !!! Very relaxed and chilled with a great nights sleep . Thanks Debbie – we will return .
    Karen & Steve

  18. I’ve both enjoyed an amazing customized massage by Debbie, as well as a relaxing floatation session.
    Debbie is an expert, and I felt like she understands my body like very few specialists do. She used a combination of techniques to relieve my chronic pain. If I lived nearby I’d definitely come on a regular basis, so I would most certainly recommend the massage.

    The floatation was an unique experience (it was my first time). The salt has such a nice effect on the skin, and it’s a special feeling to feel so little pressure on your body while floating. I’m a huge fan of the way the room was decorated.

    Thanks for all the care and will visit again!

  19. My husband and I desperately needed some alone time, we have a baby and date nights are few and far between. When Debbie told us about her couples retreat we booked straight away. What can I say we were absolutely awestruck and amazed at the paradise before our very eyes and in this stunning location. When we entered the flotation spa the atmosphere was undeniably romantic with warmth and candlelight. Debbie explained how the flotation worked . We had a beautiful shower and got in the flotation pool. My whole body had no choice but to let go. We were literally in bliss. We needed this quiet time just the two of us and we were able to relax while being nourished by this slice of natures heaven. Not only that, the benefits of the flotation lasted for days. We cannot wait to go back!!!

  20. Well I just have to put my own post on because you can not believe how that Floatation Pool heals. This is my experience .. tonight I felt tired as most of you know I sometimes work 7 days a week and most days 4 full body massages. My hands definitely have recovered almost 95,% I dont have time every week trust me, I wish I did, but after a good 3, most of my healing was done. 20 odd years of massage takes its toll but I can say now I can continue as long as I float now and again the mojority of the pain in my hands stays away. I just had an hour and felt again the inflammation being pulled out the pain radiates.from your nerves and just soothes away. Its incredible never have I felt this in any other float in all the places I have been. Its just like the Dead Sea Salt and because it can combine in its ions it is very different from Sulphates found in the well known brand. The Magnesium from the minerals are so rich in their compound it bounds with the Halite which is natures natural source of Salt and this is nit like the Sodium Chloride on your table from the supermarket which only contain 2,% of natures source, the rest is bleach or additives. I still cant believe how you float so slowly and the beautiful effect off floating in space. I open my eyes and look to see where I am and find I am floating in the opposite direction, you loose totally where your head was and your feet started! So many lovely comments on this site and trust me its all true so I just had to write my own testimonial do you can see why its a healing pool. How grateful I am for this experience and how.it helps me to help others xxx

  21. Alturas Oceanicas 16/02/2020
    When I first saw the ad for this, I knew I wanted to go, I love anything to do with water as a Pisces winter is the worst, but I knew time would be a problem as I work full time and have very little free time. But this was meant to be, I wrote to Debbie and she had a space on a Sunday morning! I have eczema and suffer with anxiety, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but it was water so I was happy, and off we went on Sunday morning, woowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww as soon as I got in the pool I was overwhelmed by all kinds of feelings, but this is the hard part to try and explain, the water doesn’t feel like water, as I floated I could feel as the heaviness of everything was going away, and at one point I was so involved in my own thoughts that I really felt I was laying on a sofa of similar, you can’t even feel yourself floating around, It is an amazing experience and I totally recommend to everyone, for a couple of hours afterwards I still had the floating feel with me, please take time out of your dairy and do this! We will be back! Thank you Debbie!

    1. Thank you so so much for your amazing review Naomi so glad you and Javier had such a peaceful time xxx it is truly a unique experience and many of my personal Floatations feel so different its a completely new experience, thank you for encouraging others to try it out … Such a healing place to be xxx

  22. Debbie certainly has the most beautiful setting to embrace this healing experience. Such a quaint setting full of charm in the quirky mountain village held me as soon as l arrived and straight away l felt relaxed. The flotation room was something else, such a sense of calm and a beautiful energy within. I couldn’t wait to enter the pool, even the shower before entering was special in its simplistic but quirky design. Once in the flotation pool l was taken to another level of relaxation, before l knew it l was cacooned in a meditive sleep in such warmth and comfort, such an uplifting, calming and healing experience. I can’t speak highly enough of this beautiful experience. I felt so comfortable in Debbie’s hands, a lovely calming lady that made me feel at ease in her company, explaining the experience and answering my questions fully….lm coming back for more, when time allows I’d love to spend the night in her beautiful and quaint village house and receive a couple of treatments as well as the flotation experience, a truly amazing package that would be!!!

  23. Alturas oceánicas es un lugar maravilloso… Transmite paz para el alma y el cuerpo! La piscina de flotación es súper agradable y sobre todo es una manera de relajarse y cuidarse de manera sana… Las vistas son preciosas…. 100% recomendable!

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